2014 Best Places to Work winner 3rd Year in Row – ProLink Staffing

Name: ProLink Healthcare

Description: Full-service staffing and recruiting firm

Top local official: Tony Munafo

Year founded: 2011

Local employees: 39

Website: ProLinkStaff.com

Interview by: Staff – Cincinnati Business Courier

If someone walked into your offices right now, what would they see?

Tony Munafo: The first thing visitors usually notice is the upbeat music playing and energy of our open office concept. Visitors to ProLink’s office are personally welcomed by everyone they see. We also have visual displays of accountability throughout the office. In our office each team member is given clear expectations with an understanding of how their roles impact the office overall. We openly discuss and track daily goals as well as weekly results. Our team meets every morning to brainstorm and help individual producers to hit their goals.

How have your employees influenced your leadership style?

Tony Munafo: Our entire team believes in ProLink’s core vision and mission, which makes all of us open to each other’s ideas and strategies on how to make our company even stronger. Everyone on our team has ownership in where ProLink is headed, which has led us to where we are today and where we are headed tomorrow. Ultimately, individuals are challenged to create and grow their own business and intrapreneurship is encouraged at every level. Our office is a great combination of experienced professionals and recent graduates, which has made ProLink a melting pot of different ideas and best practices.

What special things do you look for when you are hiring?

Tony Munafo: We look for leadership, likability, perseverance and drive for results. If you look at our team every single one of us has persevered through something in our lives, which has defined who we are as individuals and teammates. Life is full of challenges and so is your career. We want people who know how to fight through adversity and persevere.

What’s a unique benefit you offer your employees?

Tony Munafo: In addition to rapid career growth and advancement potential, our training and development programs that we have developed really help to foster the growth of each individual. We offer three programs: a recruiter career accelerator, an advancement course (led by our president) and a leadership development course. We also have an open-door policy within our company that starts from the president on down. We truly believe the leaders in our company need to be the example for the future leaders on how to lead and work within our company.

How does your company encourage health and fitness?

Tony Munafo: This year we did a 13- week and 26-week weight-loss challenge. We paired everyone up into teams to help support each other through the challenge. It is also part of the reason why we support the United Way; one of their main objectives is health and wellness.

How does your company give back?

Tony Munafo: This year we launched our first United Way campaign in a very big way. We hosted our first walk-a-thon, which raised over $10,000 for the American Cancer Society and Children’s Home of Cincinnati. We also support other Cincinnati area charities that are important to our team members; we have supported Companions on a Journey, the Denny Buehler Memorial Tournament, the Bowtie Cause and Starfire, to name a few.



As one of the founding partners of ProLink Staffing Services, Tony Munafo called upon his 11 years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry to create a premium professional service organization. Tony has developed customized staffing solutions for all sizes and types of companies from Fortune 100 clients to small, family-owned businesses. His pursuit of perfection and drive for results inspires those around him to reach their highest potential.

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ProLink Earns Family Business Honor

ProLink Healthcare is proud to be recognized by the Goering Center for Family and Private Business with an award that recognizes companies or individuals who have made a long-term community impact through their commitment to philanthropy, community service, growth of employment and community image.

Here’s an excerpt from the website that describes the honor:

To honor the enormous positive contributions made by family and privately owned companies, both large and small, the University of Cincinnati and the Goering Center for Family & Private Business each year presents the annual Tri-State Family and Private Business of the Year Awards.

Applicants are judged by an independent panel of judges on several of the 10 best practices of family and private businesses as defined by the Goering Center.

Placed in the Family Business category, ProLink is proud to bring home this honor, especially considering the short amount of time that’s passed since opening our doors in 2011.

We’re proud and honored to be mentioned in such great company, and hope to soon move up the ranks into the categories with more employees in the years to come.

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ProLink Comes to Louisville; Coming Soon- offices in Dayton & Cleveland

ProLink Healthcare has opened its newest location in Columbus, OH. Due to recent client demand ProLink has strategically opened its newest location to better service our clients and clinicians in the Columbus market. Opening our Columbus office allows us to continue our vision of being the top niche provider in each sector that we service.  We look forward to future locations opening throughout this year….

400 W. Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 115
Columbus, OH 43085

ProLink Creates Mobile Optimized Site

New job openings in the healthcare industry pop up all the time, but that doesn’t mean you’re always sitting at your computer when they do. That’s why we’ve created our website to be mobile and tablet optimized, so you always have access to the latest jobs when they come up.

Besides giving our customers access to jobs at all times, no matter where they are, there are several reasons why we decided to optimize our site for mobile and tablet use.

Improving the User Experience – Mobile websites are specifically designed for the device they will be viewed on and take into consideration the differences in how people search sites on their phone as apposed to a tablet or desktop browser, along with the information that’s delivered and how it’s delivered.

Competitive Advantage – ProLink Healthcare is one of the only healthcare staffing companies that provides a mobile ready site to its members, giving them a significant advantage when new positions open up, they’re given access to them in a way that makes it easy to apply on the go.

Understanding our members and their needs has driven us at ProLink to provide the best tools and access to help them succeed in every way possible. Projects like a new mobile ready site are just a sign that we understand that mobile web is no longer just a trend, but it’s how people interact in more ways then ever.

We hope all our members and partners find the site as beneficial as we do.

ProLink Ranked Best Places to Work 2012

After being established in 2011, ProLink Healthcare spent little time making its mark as a place employees loved coming in to every day. The Cincinnati Business Courier ranked ProLink as one of the best places to work in 2012 in the first year they were available for this recognition, which says quite a bit about the environment they’ve established for their employees.

When asked about ProLink, President Tony Munafo gave some insights into what makes them such a special place to work.

“We celebrate not only the company success, but the indivihttp://prolink.timengledesign.com/wp-admin/themes.phpduals as well. We work together as a team to reach our vision. We take great pride in creating a culture where not only our internal employees feel valued and respected, but our customers feel like they have a true partner in ProLink Healthcare.”

When asked about keeping a positive moral, Mufano sited an open-door, feedback-rich setup that allows employees to feel important.

“We celebrate not only the company success, but the individuals as well. We work together as a team to reach our vision. We take great pride in creating a culture where not only our internal employees feel valued and respected, but our customers feel like they have a true partner in ProLink Healthcare.”

One of the biggest ways to ensure employees are happy is by giving them recognition for all of their hard work. When asked about what managers can do to thank their employees, without spending much of your budget, Mufano was enthusiastic when discussing their approach.

“We believe in recognizing our employees’ accomplishments and celebrating them as a team in the moment. When one of our team members hits a new milestone we celebrate it, whether it’s a luncheon, a toast or an office outing. It is taking the time to celebrate the achievement. At ProLink Healthcare we live and breathe teamwork every day and help each other become the best. So when one of our team members hits a high point in their career, we all do.”

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