ProLink Creates Mobile Optimized Site

New job openings in the healthcare industry pop up all the time, but that doesn’t mean you’re always sitting at your computer when they do. That’s why we’ve created our website to be mobile and tablet optimized, so you always have access to the latest jobs when they come up.

Besides giving our customers access to jobs at all times, no matter where they are, there are several reasons why we decided to optimize our site for mobile and tablet use.

Improving the User Experience – Mobile websites are specifically designed for the device they will be viewed on and take into consideration the differences in how people search sites on their phone as apposed to a tablet or desktop browser, along with the information that’s delivered and how it’s delivered.

Competitive Advantage – ProLink Healthcare is one of the only healthcare staffing companies that provides a mobile ready site to its members, giving them a significant advantage when new positions open up, they’re given access to them in a way that makes it easy to apply on the go.

Understanding our members and their needs has driven us at ProLink to provide the best tools and access to help them succeed in every way possible. Projects like a new mobile ready site are just a sign that we understand that mobile web is no longer just a trend, but it’s how people interact in more ways then ever.

We hope all our members and partners find the site as beneficial as we do.